Monday, May 28, 2012

We moved!

We moved!   

We are grateful for all the help we had moving!  Thanks to everyone that came out and helped us!  

Here are some pictures from the move:

Who needs toys when you have boxes to crawl through?  The boys had a blast making tunnels with our boxes.  

 We were lucky enough to babysit Michael before we moved.  He and Zach loved crawling through the boxes together.  

 He finally could crawl in the cabinets without things getting in the way.  He found a new hiding space and fort to play in.  Who knew that moving could be so much fun? 

 Zach loved being able to sit in the big yellow truck!

Zach loves Conner!  He played with Conner all morning long while we loaded the truck.  Conner taught him how to play baseball and let Zach play with his dog.  

Thanks Conner for all your help moving!! 

We wish had pictures of everyone who helped us move.  Thanks again for everyone's help!  

Having some fun with his friend Michael before we left.  

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