Monday, May 28, 2012

We moved!

We moved!   

We are grateful for all the help we had moving!  Thanks to everyone that came out and helped us!  

Here are some pictures from the move:

Who needs toys when you have boxes to crawl through?  The boys had a blast making tunnels with our boxes.  

 We were lucky enough to babysit Michael before we moved.  He and Zach loved crawling through the boxes together.  

 He finally could crawl in the cabinets without things getting in the way.  He found a new hiding space and fort to play in.  Who knew that moving could be so much fun? 

 Zach loved being able to sit in the big yellow truck!

Zach loves Conner!  He played with Conner all morning long while we loaded the truck.  Conner taught him how to play baseball and let Zach play with his dog.  

Thanks Conner for all your help moving!! 

We wish had pictures of everyone who helped us move.  Thanks again for everyone's help!  

Having some fun with his friend Michael before we left.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

 My mom came to visit! 

My mom came to visit.  It was so good to see her.  We had a blast with her here.  Zach especially loved to see her.  We miss our families so this was a special treat.  Thanks mom! 
We are back to blogging!  We are really excited to share our life adventures with family and friends again.  It has been a long time since we last posted so we have lots to catch up on.  

Tyler has been staying busy with law school.  He just finished his second year (wahoo!) and is starting his summer associate position at the law firm Lathrop and Gage. We are so proud of him for working so hard and getting through another year of school.  

I have been busy taking care of my sweet boy.  Here is a picture of him at 15 months.  

He is so full of energy and life.  He keeps us on our toes everyday. Zach has gotten so big.  He can now say about 30-40 words and always tries to copy what we say.  He loves to play outside in the dirt or with rocks and sticks.  He also loves to play with balls, trains and cars. 

Zach is a big tease.  He loves to be tickled and loves when we play hide and go seek. He laughs often and keeps us laughing.  He is curious about life and loves to explore the world around him.  We sure love him.  

He are somethings that we do often: 

The Zoo

Omaha has a fabulous zoo.  We are lucky to be able to go often.  Zach really likes to see the animals. His favorites are the lion and monkeys.  

Another favorite activity of ours is playing trains.  We made a fort and played trains inside of it.

 Another picture from the zoo.  

 Zach and Ty playing trains.  

Zach also really likes playing with his shovel and bucket.  We take it to the park and play in the sand.  We also just take it outside and fill it with pinecones, grass and whatever else we can find.  

We have been busy having fun and working hard.  We have more updates to come :) 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

6 Months Old!!!!!

I can't believe my baby is 6 months old!! Time has gone way to fast!! Zach is growing so big and is so much fun! He now weighs 16 pounds 3 ounces and is 27 inches long. He is tall and skinny for his age! He keeps us busy! He is an active little boy and very curious. He is very attentive and also determined. He loves to be with people. He gets bored easily and loves to be where the action is. He is such a happy little guy! He keeps us smiling everyday! We sure LOVE HIM!

We have had a lot of fun over the summer! Zach loves to play with his daddy.
Zach can sit up all by himself now! He has gotten so strong.
We Love to go to the park and play on the grass. Zach could spend hours at the park. He LOVES to be outside!
Zach thought the swing was hilarious! He was laughing so hard. He has a lot of fun on the playground.
One day we went and ran through these fountains by our place. Zach was a little nervous to run through them until he saw the other kids doing it. He ended up loving it. We spent a whole afternoon playing in the water.

Zach is trying so hard to learn how to crawl. He can rock back and forth but still hasn't taken off yet. He can scoot around in a circle and scoot backwards. He is very determined and works hard at learning new things!
Our future cowboy!
This is my favorite picture. We dressed up as cowboys for a youth dance and Zach fell in love with my cowgirl hat! He wanted to play with it all afternoon.
We are so grateful to have Zach in our lives! He has been such a blessing and joy! We LOVE YOU ZACH!
Thanks to Michael and Sara for letting us come and stay with them over the Fourth! We had a blast and were grateful for your hospitality!! We Love you guys!!!

Chicago - Fourth of July

My family celebrated the Fourth of July in Chicago this year. We had tons of fun. It was great to see family and spend the holiday with them. This is Nana with the kids.

Our little familiy! We had a blast on the fourth. In the morning we walked around the Navy Pier and went miniture golfing. During the afternoon my parents watched the kids and me and Tyler were able to go on a little date!!
Zach was able to watch his first firework show and LOVED it!! It was so fun to see how much he liked the show.
My basketball boys! We stopped by and saw Michael Jordan's statue at the United Center.
Zach, Don't look down!! (Looking over the sears tower)
The sunglass crew.
Our fam.
Grandpa is sure funny!

Grace dressed up like a penguin at the aquarium.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Visit from Family

It was so fun to have my family come and visit for a couple of days! We did some really fun things and it was so good to see them! This is Zach with Grandma and Grandpa Newton on a bridge.
Our little family at the zoo.
Grace and Sara! Grace was so excited because a balloon lady came around at dinner and made her a penguin balloon! She named him waddle. It was really cute.
In the Jungle at the zoo. Michael, Sara and Grace.
Grace didn't like the vines because they reminded her of snakes. I don't blame her!

All the girls and Zach Our little rock hopper!! Zach's favorite animal at the zoo is the penguins. He could sit and watch them all day long!! He gets really excited when they swim in the water. Grace also really liked the penguins!!
The kids watching the penguins.

Nana with Zach.
It was a cold day but we stayed warm!
On the train.